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Meet Deutina

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Hey there! I’m Deutina
I serve people who :

  1. Need help designing their biggest project – Life.
  2. Struggle with mistakes of the past.
  3. Desire to have amazing life stories.
  4. Need their biggest cheerleader.

I hope to make someone’s life journey simpler and easier than mine with fewer detours as I equip with a life map using design principles.

I am blessed to inspire and provide this hub with the necessary content, tools, and resources to help the younger version of myself or anyone evolving into a better version of themselves. I also demonstrate how to create meaningful life experiences and the impact of giving.

As a Blogger, I hope to be an influencer and spotlighted for helping people craft more meaningful lives.

A little about me:
Most days you can find me in my cosy pink robe, and my ultra-soft socks or slippers either on my comfy couch or in my pink and white girly office with a warm drink and a vegan snack creating and researching on innovative ways to inspire people to have the best life experience they possibly can.

Life Rules:

  1. Be a voice, not an echo.
  2. Mess into Message.
  3. Memories over stuff.
  4. Give, Give, Give.

XO Deutina

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